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28/08/11 Nadia was wonderful and I was delighted in my time with her. She has a lot of enthusiasm and is a sweet and caring girl. Will


23/08/11  Sasha is gorgeous and kind, the service is five stars!! Thanks again for your help!!! Much appreciated! Sam


07/08/11  Nadia is cute and sexy all at once! She knew how to please and that she did! She even made sure the hand relief at the end was top class.  MC


23/07/11  Nadia was fantastic & I give her a 100% rating and will book her again soon.  Pete


21/07/11  Chelsea - very sexy lingerie, excellent presentation. Chelsea is a delightful dynamo, never stops wanting and giving more, very sensual and erotic experience, some of the best sex I've had in a while! I'll be back...  Mike


19/06/11  Chloe looked really good in her dress and her hair was really nice as well, long and flowing and she had a really great smile as well. She was great! She was good to talk to and even better with her hands and I even told her she had really pretty glitter paint on her toes! It was one of those nights where we could just enjoy one anothers company and with the harbour bridge as the backdrop, it really couldn't get much better! Chloe you was great to be with and hope to catch up again soon  :)   MC


20/06/11  Monique is very soft and sensual both dressed and undressed. Time spent with her was both fun and blissful all at once and she was good to talk to even when it wasn't sexually related. I will be back, maybe not as long but will be back.  Michael


21/05/11  Thank you. Heidi is gorgeous and I really had an incredible evening with her. Your agency is first class.  Chandler


15/05/11  Thank you. Jessica was a very sweet girl. I'm very happy. Thanks for the help.  Paul


04/05/11  Absolutely erotic experience. Hot body, hot play, and hot time. If I wanted a girlfriend, it would be Heidi. She is a first class girl. Looking forward to coming back to Beijing, and not for Beijing harbour!  Steve


21/04/11  Please pass my compliments onto Eva. She wasn't what I was expecting but in a good way. Refreshingly honest and a real sweetheart. Kevin


16/04/14 Thank you again Craig. Naomi was really nice and very fun to talk to.  Julian


15/04/11  Thank you so much! Gemma is a really nice girl, very friendly and had nice talk with her. Julian 


11/03/11  Had a great time with Naomi yesterday afternoon! she is a lovely girl. Great apartment - nice feel to it. I shall be back. David


31/03/11  Hannah was wonderful. A tiny shy at first, but if you treat her like a lady, she's absolutely wonderful. Gorgeous smile, lovely face, beautiful eyebrows, shiny eyes, great dimples, beautiful all the way. It was an afternoon to remember. Thank you. Jim


07/02/11  Sasha was wonderful and such an amazing lovely person. Thank you very much, you will be hearing from me soon. Jay


22/01/11  Friends, Sonia just left my hotel, and I am very happy. What she lacks in experience, makes up in her shear beauty. Lovely person. See you next trip.  David


29/05/10  I had a really fun time with Abbey and the time seemed to go very quickly. Her service is excellent and full marks to a most accomplished lady. William


21/05/10  Abbey... her appearance was great - hair/makeup were great - outfit was sexy. My first time with an escort and Abbey was wonderful - led the way early to get me going and after that was warm and fun so that the experience was comfortable (and as a result was fantastic).  GW


20/05/10  Just a quick note to say "Thank you" for Wednesday night.  Chelsea was terrific and provided fantastic service. We do come to Beijing often and will really keep in contact and use your business again. Grant


11/05/10  Abbey is very sexy. Fantastic service and very obliging... will see her again. Peter


29/04/10  Megan is perfect!!!  Many thanks. Mark


28/04/10  Hannah is very good... would love to meet up again next week.  Steve


27/04/10   Thanks for the recommendation. Had a great time with Megan. I'll be back soon. Cheers. Richard


25/04/10  Gemma was fantastic last week great suggestion.  Cheers. Gary


15/04/10   I just wanted to thank you for arranging my meeting yesterday with Chelsea at such short notice. She was just stunning and supurb in every aspect of our time together. She even managed to get me over the line twice in the hour, which is no mean feat for an old codger like me. I will definitely be back!!!  Cheers.  Jim


08/04/10  Cindy is very pretty and slim girl, just like her pictures. She is such a kind loveable girl, provides great oral, very passionate service. I will see her again.  Glen


01/04/10  Gemma is beautiful and sensuous. She was both soft and sensual, she focused on me and my pleasure but was able to receive some pampering and appeared to enjoy it. I will be back.  Peter


01/04/10  When I first saw Cindy I thought she was a real girl. She is a pretty slim beautty. It was the most amazing time of my life.  Cindy was a real deal, pretty, passionate and is a very kind, loving girl.  Nick


27/03/10  Cindy is very beautiful. She looked just like in her photos. She is also very good at oral.  Charlie 


07/03/10  Megan looked very very very nice and sexy. I love every minute of the time I had with her.  Kevin 


05/03/10  I had an overnight booking with Megan. She is the sweetest, kindest, friendly girl I have had the pleasure of spending time with in a long time.  I highly recommend this thoughtful girl to anyone who is looking for someone special. Paul


01/03/10  What an absolutely beautiful girl! Gemma is a knock out. Everything about her was perfect. I had a true VIP experience with this lovely young lady.  Tom


26/01/10  Gemma was amazing! We spent the night together and the time just flew by. What an experience. You guys at Elite are awesome. I will definitely be back to see her again soon.  Patrick


20/01/10  Chelsea was way way beautiful. Thank you. I love her.  Mark 


08/01/10  Chloe is very nice. Thank you. I will be using your service again. John 


04/01/10  Jacinta is very sweet. Thank you for recommending such a lovely lady. I can't wait to see her again. Dean


02/01/10  Bella and Tila. Thanks for the girls. Great girls - just as advertised, which is a refreshing change. Both enjoyed the girl on girl bit.... I'll be back for more.... and more.... Have a great night!!!  C